Delta Delta Delta

Delta Rho Chapter Chapter at University of Kentucky

Letter from the VP of Membership


Dear Potential New Members,

On behalf of Delta Delta Delta, I would like to welcome you to the University of Kentucky! We are so excited that you have chosen to participate in formal recruitment this coming August. College is such a wonderful time in all of our lives, and I promise you that going Greek will positively impact your college experience tremendously. These next four years will fly by quickly so I encourage you to take every opportunity that comes your way to be a leader, to create a memory, and to grow as a young woman. Thanks to Greek life, I and the rest of the sorority women at UK have been presented with many of these opportunities thus far in our college careers. 

Recruitment can be a stressful yet fun time for both Potential New Members and active sorority members, but as recruitment quickly approaches my advice to you is to follow your heart and you will end up right where you belong. It feels like just yesterday that I was in your shoes, preparing to go through recruitment as a Potential New Member. I am now a senior and would do just about anything to go back to my freshman year to relive the entire year over again. If I could go back I would not change one thing about my freshman year, especially going through formal recruitment and accepting a bid from Delta Delta Delta. 

Tri Delta has shaped me into the person that I am today. As cliche as this may sound, thanks to Tri Delta I have met my life long best friends, sisters, and future bridesmaids. But being a member of Tri Delta has given me more than just that. It has provided me with the opportunity to actively raise money and support the number one pediatric cancer hospital in the world, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, with my sisters through philanthropic events and yearly visits to the hospital. It is so rewarding and humbling getting to see how our hard work has impacted the lives of so many children. In addition to supporting St. Jude and many other philanthropic organizations, Tri Delta has provided me with many leadership opportunities within our sorority, university and community. 

The life long sisterhood, philanthropic, and leadership opportunities are just a few of the many benefits of being a member of Delta Delta Delta. Whether Tri Delta or any of our other wonderful sororities becomes your future home, we are thrilled that you have chosen to come to the University of Kentucky and participate in the 2017 formal recruitment! We wish you all the best this summer and look forward to meeting each and every one of you in August.

Delta Love,
Kristina Shepard