Letter from the President


Hello, my name is Madeleine Stone!

I am honored to serve Delta Rho as Chapter President this year and give back to her what she has given me. 

Going into college, I was skeptical about the idea of joining a sorority. No one in my family participated in Greek life and many people gave me their very different opinions on the subject. If I knew anything for sure, it was that I was eager to create a new experience for myself in college. I made it my mission to make as many new friends as possible, while still maintaining the close friendships I had in high school. I saw no downside to participating because even if I ended up not finding a chapter that fit me, I would make friends along the way. 

The Panhellenic community at Kentucky gave me so many close friends as well as a chapter I cherish. It gave me a group of women who empower each other and share in the values of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. TriDelta has afforded me my study dates, roommates, a steadfast support system, lifelong friends and a multitude of opportunities. 

She has shown me the beauty of philanthropy and the true strength we have as women in numbers. Despite the reality of COVID this past semester, Delta Rho raised more than $70,000 dollars for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Nationally, TriDelta has raised over $74 million dollars since officially naming St. Jude their philanthropic partner in 1999. I am constantly reminded of how capable we are when working together for a common cause. Our philanthropy team and members never cease to amaze me and make me proud to be a TriDelta woman.

The women surrounding me on bid day in 2018 were strangers at the time, but have grown to become my best friends and greatest advocates. If you told 18-year-old me I would later serve as President of Delta Rho, I would have laughed out loud. The women of this chapter and my closest friends saw potential in me I did not recognize in myself. They poured confidence into my leadership abilities and reminded me I am capable of amazing things. I cannot wait to serve this chapter as her President and give back to her what she gave to me.

If you are considering going through formal recruitment, take this as a sign. I hope you find a home here at the University of Kentucky like I did when I ran home to 468 Rose Street. 

Delta Love and More,



brave, bold, kind