Delta Delta Delta

Delta Rho Chapter Chapter at University of Kentucky

Our House

The Tri Delta house here at UK (nicknamed the "Delta Shelta") is home to 39 members of the Delta Rho chapter, and even the girls who do not live in the house feel at home here. The house has served as a place to come together and share meals,study time, conversation, and fond memories made in it since the house was built in the 1920's. Located in a prime spot on campus, the Tri Delta house overlooks

Rose Street and is a short walk from classes, the library, the many restaurants on South Limestone, and the other surrounding Greek houses. Many young Tri Delta women have resided in this house over the years, and we continue to cherish the tradition of calling this beautiful place "home".



Our TV room is one of the most popular spots in the house, where you can find sisters at virtually anytime. Girls gather to watch everything from "Frozen" on snow days to the latest episode of "The Bachelorette" during the week. If the Wildcats are playing on the road, the room is packed to the brim with Deltas cheering them on from the other side of the TV. Even if the TV is turned off, the girls still find their way into this room whether it be to chat over breakfast on Sunday mornings, hang out between classes in the afternoon, or share laughs at night before heading upstairs for bed.


The formal room offers the perfect place to sit and talk with a beautiful view of Rose Street. Some girls use this room as a study space, and others use it as a quiet spot for a quick nap on the comfy couches. Our more musically inclined sisters often enjoy playing around on the baby grand piano. This room is also used to host small meetings.


Our dining room is utilized in many ways. It is busiest during lunch and dinner time when sisters come together to share some good conversation and some very good food. During Monday night dinners it even serves as a stage for fraternity serenades. After mealtimes, many girls like to study with each other here. Our chapter can also come together in this room, whether it be for practicing Greek Sing routines, Christmas Dinner, or special ceremonies.


Whether it's a breezy fall day or cool spring morning, the back patio is the ultimate hot spot to hang outside and soak up the sun, work on homework, or join in on bible study. Located in the back of the house you can often find girls hanging here at the table or lounging out enjoying the weather.